CarLogic Authorised Dealers offer quality replacement automotive components to cover all areas of vehicle management including Fuel, Ignition, Emission and Sensor systems.

Carlogic offer one of Australia’s most extensive ranges of these specialised components from the world’s leading automotive parts manufacturers.

We supply high quality products and services for all areas of vehicle management, including:

  • Engine Management Components
  • Electronic Fuel Injection EFI Components
  • Ignition Components
  • Automotive Sensors
  • Fuel Pumps and Fuel Injectors
  • Racing and Performance Products

The parts we offer include:

ABS Modules
Accelerator Pedal Sensor
Air / Fuel Ratio Sensors
Air Flow Meter
Air Mass Meters
Air Temp Sensors
Body Control Modules
Brake Pad Sensors
Cam Angle Sensors
Connector Plug Sets
Coolant Temperature Sensor
Crank Angle Sensors
Diesel Injectors
Electric Valve Solenoids
Electric Water Pumps
Electronic Control Unit
Electronic Fuel Pumps
Engine Control Units
Gas Oxygen Sensors
Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valves
Exhaust Gas Temp Sensors
Exhaust Pressure Sensor
Fuel Pressure Regulators
Fuel Pump Strainer
Fuel Rail Sensor
Fuel Rails
Fuel Temp Sensors
Hall Sensors
Heater Fan Resistors
Idle Speed Control Valves
Ignition Coils
Ignition Distributors
Ignition Lead Sets
Ignition Modules
Injector Feed Line
Injector Service Components
Intake Control Valve
Knock Sensors
Map Sensors
Mechanical Fuel Pumps
Oxygen Sensors
Oil Level Sensors
Oil Pressure Sensors
Oil Temperature Sensors
Petrol Injectors
Power Steering Switches
Speed Sensors
Stop Light Switch
Suction Control Valves
Throttle Bodies
Throttle Position Switches
Variable Camshaft Actuators
Variable Intake Manifolds
Water Temperature Sender
Wheel Speed Sensor

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